BEST RATE or LOWEST COST   A common mistake shoppers make is to ask: "What's your best rate?" or "What are your closing costs?" Both logical questions to ask, but they do not give the response most borrowers need to make a proper decision. Borrowers must understand both rates and fees. Rates are only half the answer to getting the best deal. It is possible end up with the lowest rate but not necessarily the best deal.        

Simply put, the lowest rate & the lowest fees do not go hand-in-hand. NO LENDER can offer both together. I can give you rock bottom rates, but it will cost you in fees. I can give you the lowest fees, but it will cost you in interest rate. Most MN and WI mortgage brokers and lenders quote their best rate in combination with covering all third party fees (appraisal, credit report, title company, state taxes, county recording fees, etc) with 1% origination. See the example below

Here is an example of Rate vs. Costs on a $150,000 - 30 year fixed loan.
These rates are NOT accurate for today - just samples.

Lower Rate Normal Quote

No Lender Cost

Full NO Cost
















Total Closing Costs





Monthly P & I Payment





10 Years of Interest





20 Years of Interest





30 Years of Interest





I can offer you all four options on all of our loans.

"As your Mortgage Consultant, I will show you your different options. You tell me what you really want, and then I will advise you on what I think is best based on your needs and financial goals. I'm proud to provide solutions to each of my customers, no matter what their financing needs!" - Joe Metzler

Our GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE is GUARANTEED NOT TO CHANGE once you lock your loan!         

The combination of rate & fees can be very confusing. One lender is screaming "No Closing Costs." A second lender may quote you 7.00% with $2246 in fees, while another lender is offering 6.75%% with $4130 in fees. So are closing costs and fees bad? Well if you ask everyone's brother who has a real estate license and knows everything about mortgages, then the answer you will most likely hear is yes.  I am here to tell you everyone's brother is probably wrong.

Good enough answer?  I didn't think so...                  

Begin by asking yourself "How long am I going to be in this property?" This is the single most important question to determine which option is best for you. Now look at the chart above. It becomes very obvious based on how long you are going to be in the home if 'Best Rate or Lowest Cost' makes the most sense for you and your family.

Congratulations, you are now smarter than everyone's brother, mother and sister with a real estate license.

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