First and foremost, expect to have your loan handled by experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated loan professionals.
We  offers multiple ways to start the application process. Online 24-hours a day, over the phone, or in person. You pick the option that works best for you.
Once your mortgage application is started, expect to have an answer within 24-hours, as our state-of-the-art loan processing system will work to give you an approval decision as quickly as possible.

  • Applying online allows you to give us your information quickly and conveniently from the privacy of your computer. It only takes about 15 minutes to fill out our FULL application, and only 5 minutes to fill out our QUICK application. Either way, you will have the option to complete it all at once or save it to finish later. A Loan Officer typically will contact you within 1-hour if you apply during normal business hours, or the next business day if you apply after hours.
  • Applying over the phone allows you to speak directly with a Loan Officer to complete your initial application. They will walk you through each part of the application and complete it for you based on your answers.
  • In Person is still the best way, as it allows us to "meet and greet" you.

INFORMATION NEEDED is different for each applicant, but most require the same basic information, which you should have on hand for each applicant:
  • Social Security Number
  • Gross income amount, including secondary income sources, if applicable
  • Asset information, (Checking, savings, 401k, investment, and other accounts)  
  • Name and address of your employer
  • Estimated purchase price (if you are purchasing a home)
  • Estimated property value (if you are refinancing a home)
  • Loan amount (if you are refinancing a home)
  • Estimated down payment amount (if you are purchasing a home)

AFTER COMPLETING AN ONLINE APPLICATION, you will get an immediate confirmation E-Mail, letting you know we have successfully received your application. Many people have "spam" blocker software, so please be sure to add the domain "@joemetzler.com" to your "white list", or approved sending list.

VIEWING YOUR LOAN details and progress is easy.  After application, you have access to a private secure area of our web site where you can view all aspects and progress of your loan! Every time someone touches your application, you get an Email notice, so you always know how your loan is progressing!

AFTER ALL APPLICATIONS, your Loan Officer will work with you to answer any questions about your loan. They will be happy to discuss your loan wants, needs, goals, abilities, and the overallmortgage process to ensure that youre comfortable with the loan youve selected. No matter how youve applied, youll be able to make changes to your loan request, adjusting such features as your loan type, or down payment.

IN MOST CASES, we will also need to send a copy of the completed application for you to sign and return. This can be sent to you by fax, Email, postal mail, or courier. You also will most likely be required to send supporting documents (such as bank statements and paycheck stubs) to us. We allow you to directly upload information to your application with any fax machine with our "Direct Fax" technology.

PROCESSING YOUR LOAN, AND GETTING A DECISION for most loans is performed by an automated underwriting system (LP/DU), which is designed to provide fast results, often with reduced documentation. In fact, most conventional loan decisions can often be made instantly!

With us, you can apply and close on many loans in a very short time period. However, each loan is different, and its important to communicate regularly with your Loan Officer throughout the period leading up to your closing date. This will allow you to be prepared in the event additional information is needed to finalize the loan.

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