"Who needs paid endorsers when customers say nice things about you for free!"
"Satisfied clients don't come easy.  It requires knowledge, commitment, and dedication, combined with excellent rates and costs"  - Joe Metzler

The following are all written testimonials, and available to view upon request.

"Dear Joe and Eric, We are so very happy with our stress free and perfect home buying process!  Thank you so much for working hard to have everything done earlier than expected. We really appreciate you!"
- Belinda and Gary Gardner, Brooklyn Park, MN (March 2012)

"Joe/Eric... I just closed. I want to thank you guys. You did an excellent job. Highly professional, excellent communications throughout the process, and tightly focused on getting this done. If you ever need a reference, call me. Thanks again"
- Phil Egan, Gainsville, GA (Sept 2010)

"Joe and Eric,
I would like to thank both of you for helping me purchase my new home.  You made the process relatively easy and stress free.  I will definitely let friends and family know about the great service you provided me.  I’m really glad I didn’t go with 1-800-BIG-BANK.  Once again, thanks for making this possible.
- Joe Xiong, St Paul, MN (May 2010)

Thanks for helping us get this done, didn't really think it would happen.  I called on a whim because you had placed my original mortgage on this house.  Now we will be enjoying a lower house payment for years to come.  Best wishes to you.
- Angie W. Hammond, WI (Feb 2010)

Hello Joe & Eric,
I just wanted to personally thank you both for helping me secure my home in Cottage Grove. You made the process simple and easy to follow and took a lot of worry out of purchasing the home. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who is also seeking a home mortgage. Best wishes and continued success!
-Tim M. (Sept 2009)

Joe is genuinely concerned about finding the BEST loan for you. Very honest and hard working. I will refer all my friends to Joe.
-Emily S. (April 2006)

Very informative. Made the process easy. Joe worked with us as a client, not a loan number.
-Eugene and Linda G. (Oct. 2005)

Professional. Made a person feel very at ease.  Answered all my questions and concerns. Super good listener.
Bruce S. (Aug. 2005)

Joe is very friendly and straight forward. I would recommend a friend, relative, or colleague to Joe.
Angela B. (Sept. 2005)

This is the second time we have used Joe as our loan officer. He is very good and works hard for his clients. We will use him again and would refer others to him!
Robert and Emilie W. (Aug. 2005)

Thank you for taking the time to educate us - it helped us make the right decision. Education is the key to making good business and financial decisions. We appreciate the time and attention we were given.
Alan and Laurie W. (Aug. 2005)

Hi, Joe and Eric,
As I'm sure you assumed, everything went well yesterday.  I have developed a bad case of carpal tunnel...  Although you both have explained things to me, there are a few questions I might have, but I won't ask them until I have looked more carefully at the documents I brought home with me.  I have been telling everyone I talk to about you two; you may hear from one or two of them in the near future.  I hope you are still in this business when I am ready to do this again.  You are a valuable resource, and beyond that, you have both earned my trust, admiration and respect, and unwavering loyalty.
As you told me that first time I talked to you, Joe, you truly have very little competition. 
Thank you.
Ronda W. (July 1, 2005)

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how everything went with our refinancing. We closed last Thursday, and everything went as expected with no nasty surprises. We had a very bad experience with a Bank a few years back so I was very apprehensive and a bit untrustful. Thanks so much for all of your extremely prompt responses to my numerous questions.
Donna B.

It has been a sellers market for some time now! There are very often multiple offers right away on homes. I can't afford to have my real estate clients offers rejected because I submitted it with an approval letter from Fly By Night Mortgage. Agents in the Twin Cities area know Mortgages Unlimited has a solid reputation as a completely reliable lender. That goes a long way in our offers getting maximum consideration. I tell buyers that supposedly saving $100 on closing costs with some out state internet lender isn't a deal. Heck, I won't even show people homes, let alone make an offer with an approval letter from those lenders!
-Steve T. Realtor-GRI

"If you come to my office with an approval letter from some internet mortgage company, or someone I've never heard of, I will NOT accept it. On the other hand, just knowing that you are working with The Joe Metzler Team at Mortgages Unlimited puts my mind at ease. If they say you are approved. You are!"
-Chuck S. - Realtor

Joe, I recently mentioned your name to several parties who are considering refinancing. Again, thanks for your great work on our behalf. - Ted B.

"We built a new home. Construction took 5 months. Joe's Good Faith Estimate was off only $11.23"
- Gene & Natalya

Joe, I appreciate the update to my rate (5.5% is fantastic). I also appreciate how you handle these type of situations. I only wish I had a need to refinance my house more often. Thanks. Steve P.

I previously refinanced my mortgage with you and had a good experience and you were able to obtain a very good rate and reasonable costs.  I now have a fellow physician who's in town to buy a house and I'd like to provide him with a quote from you if possible and then hopefully have him contact you to get preapproved.  Would you send me a quote for a 500K 30year mortgage including a GFE, assuming 20% down payment, and of course I don't have any info about insurance or taxes. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully I can send you some more business. Dr. Keith W.

Dear Mr. Metzler:
I am in the course of preparing a Continuing Education seminar on the general subject of Predatory Lending.  A major segment of the course will center around Truth in Lending, particularly the Good Faith Estimate.  The attendees will be attorneys and other licensed professionals who need to fulfill CE hours to maintain their licenses (e.g., realtors, appraisers, title insurance licensees). Inasmuch as I have been in the title, escrow and closing business for over 20 years, I am finely attuned to the ways mortgage brokers deceive their borrowers while remaining in basic compliance with TIL.  In doing my own research on the internet - particularly at looking at the promotions of mortgage brokers - I came across your site.  I was startled by both the directness of your advertising and the absolutely right on visual analyses you display on how the lending system "really" works. May I have your permission to borrow your material - with full proper accreditation of course - as an aid to this instruction?
Edward D. Hayman, President/Attorney
Rockwell Title
1370 West 6th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113

"I was working with Joe Metzler, but during the process, I stumbled across a broker called "Bxxxxxxe Mortgage" from St. Louis Park, who claims to have the 'Best Rate'. Their rate was 1/4% better in their advertisements. Without getting upset over possibly losing my business, Joe explained how their bait & switch operation worked, and gave me the questions to ask them. HE WAS RIGHT. Their quoted rates were not real. They were NOT able to lock me at the rate they claimed without a full and complete file delivered to their real lender within seven days. I would have been in for a big surprise if I had gone with them. I closed my loan with Joe Metzler, and couldn't have been happier. Thanks Joe!"
-Charles E.

"Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service we received from you and your company.  After the extremely poor and frustrating experience with Cxxxxxt Mortgage, we appreciated it."
-Jeff & Suzanne O.

Thanks for your response and advice.  You are right in all of your assumptions and conclusions.  My rate was 6.5% and I have now done the math, and the difference is 2 years longer if I pay the same incremental difference against principal in my current loan vs. a 15 year loan.   I am now focused on a new 15 year refinance.  MUCH thanks for your web-site (most sensible of any I found across the US) and your personal consultation.  Sincerely,   Bruce S.

"You have a great web site! Thank you for providing this valuable information on-line. After reading your "Beware of the Bad Good Faith Estimate" page, I asked the Florida lender I was using for more information. It was like pulling teeth. I decided to go with them anyway. They offered the same great rate as you, yet "appeared" to be thousands cheaper. You told me their estimate numbers were not true, yet I didn't believe you! As you already know, at closing, nothing was the same. We did one thing right! We followed your advice, and walked out of the closing without signing anything. Thank you ever so much for closing our loan! You did it in just 5 days, and your numbers were right on! Congratulations on doing it right."
-Pamela P.

"I wish to say thanks for your time and devotion in financing our home. Our loan was probably an unthinkable task, you held the keys and knowledge to unlock our dreams. I NEVER thought I could buy a home until I talked with you!
 - Todd and Virginia

"Thank you…for going above and beyond your job. You showed me how I could save $247.00 a month and still pay off my loan in 15 years"
 - Mike

"Joe Metzler is very positive and helpful. We also looked at some of the big banks, but Joe was outstanding for service, warmth, understanding, and enthusiasm. He is a great asset to your company. He must be your top loan officer. I would recommend him to all our friends!"
 - Mike

"Joe is truly an asset to your company. As a result of his dedication, we did not worry about the mortgage at all. He is knowledgeable, conscientious & innovative. We felt as if we were his only customer!
 - Lynette and Mike

"My mortgage experience (which was a "painful" process on our first home) was upbeat, positive, professional and most of all personal. I couldn't begin to say enough positive things about Joe Metzler. He held our hand the entire way!
 - Tom & Courtney

"Joe, you are the man! I was already approved with another lender who I thought was charging to much, but it was only three days until closing. You explained what to look for when I called him back. With your help, I saved over 1% in interest, and you didn't even do my loan. I tell ALL my friends about you! P.S. Next house, you are doing my financing!
 - Arlow

"Joe Metzler was great to us! We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to own our own home! We had talked with a couple of other lenders, none of them explained things like you did. Thank you very much!
 - Chris

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